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Sony Vaio Pro 13 – A Complete Review


The Sony VAIO Pro 13 is the lightest 13-inch touch-enabled Ultrabook in the world weighting merely 1.05kg. The device is equipped with a properly working touchscreen and a fourth-generation Intel Core i5 CPU. The featherweight carbon-fibre chassis of the Ultrabook makes it particularly impressive.

Sony-Vaio-Pro-13Amongst the cons, the keyboard tray may swell underneath user’s fingers while typing. This makes it feel far more breakable and that is not a good point. Again, there is a small vent on the side of the device. This means the gadget gets quite hot, which is of course a big problem.

But the biggest problem is that the hinge design limits the angle at which you can open the screen. This is possibly to prevent the device from toppling backwards.

The rich colour and plentiful detail that the Pro 13 shows up in photos and HD videos are one of the most luring features of the gadget. It’s the type of screen that can even make poor quality Smartphone pictures look okay.

The VAIO Pro has dual-band Wi-Fi that goes up to 300Mbps, and it also has NFC for tap data transfers. Yet, for an Ethernet connection, one needs to buy the VGP-WAR100. It acts as a wireless router. It also allows distributing that connection to multiple devices and it supports WPS for easy set-up.

The light weight and its Full HD screen which offers a beautiful viewing of photos and videos are the interesting features. The screen is bright, offers full HD resolution with pin-sharp details, high contrast, high brightness and excellent viewing angles. Also the touch response of the Pro 13 is great.

The storage performance is excellent from the PCI Express-based SSD, and the unit feels comfortable to use. However, the graphics performance should be improved and the touchpad should be a little more user-friendly.

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