“Revolution 2020” by Chetan Bhagat – A Review


By Chinmayee Dash: Famed writer Chetan Bhagat’s latest work “Revolution 2020”, which was creating a buzz in recent days, appeared average after it hit the bookstores. It lacks the street smart style that Bhagat is known for.

‘Revolution 2020’ is an attempt to highlight the corruption in India, against which veteran social activist Anna Hazare has been fighting since a long time. But Bhagat has not highlighted the principles of non-violence in the book.

It talks about corruption, but not the known figures. The writer lacks the style that he is known for. It is the story of three childhood friends: Gopal, Raghav, and Aarathi. The story is set up in the holy city Varanasi. Gopal and Raghav are childhood friends and are in school where Aarathi also studies in the same class. Gopal falls in love with Aarathi.

Both Gopal and Raghav are from middle class family background, while Aarathi belongs to a bureaucratic and political family. However, three grow up having different ambitions in life. Gopal wants to be a rich man, Raghav wants to change the world, Aarathi wants to be an air hostess.

Raghav appears to be a brilliant boy as he clears JEE and AIEEE exams. But Gopal is forced to repeat the exams next year. His friend Raghav joins the top engineering college in Varanasi and inspired by Raghav’s intelligence and his studies, Aarathi falls in love with him.

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However, Gopal is disappointed to see Aarathi’s biased attitude. Apart from losing his love, he even fails to fulfill his father’s dream. Later he gives in to corruption to be successful. The novel shows two contrasting characters, one becomes corrupt to taste the success, and another tries to change the country with his ideals and principles.

It shows how love spoils the friendship between two as they both love the same girl. Even though they are intelligent, Gopal uses it to make money and Raghav uses his intelligence to create a revolution.

Bhagat has highlighted the faulty coaching system that is also responsible to push the students to choose corruption out of disappointment and harassment. As Love and Success allure everyone, it is not easy to get these in a fair manner in an unfair society where corruption dwells in the grass root.

The readers will stumble upon few swearing words that start with letters ‘b’ and ‘a’ and ‘f’. It shows Bhagat’s creativity, which is highly appreciated.

Seems like Bhagat has been inspired by Bollywood family dramas where we find triangle love story, jealousy, obsession and ambition. The novel is disappointing one as a lot of things were expected from the writer.

India’s bestselling author, who has penned “Five Point Someone”, “One Night @ The Call Center”, “The Three Mistakes of My Life” and “2 States”, his latest work appears more filmy than creative.

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  1. Sonam says

    Chetan is the best in India… Love to read his novels…

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