Rejected for Low Marks in Class 12: Bengaluru Man Denied Flat by Landlord

The Absurd Reality of Renting in Bengaluru!

TNI Bureau, Bengaluru: In a bizarre incident that left netizens baffled, a man seeking to rent a flat in Bengaluru was rejected by a landlord due to his “low marks” in Class 12. Despite sharing his LinkedIn profile, a joining certificate, Class 10 and 12 marksheets, and even a 150–200-word writeup about himself, the man’s dreams of securing a flat in the city were dashed due to his 75% score in Class 12.

The conversation between the man and the broker, Brijesh, was shared on Twitter by user Shubh and has since gone viral. The post highlights the absurdity of the situation, with the caption, “Marks don’t decide your future, but they definitely decide whether you get a flat in Bangalore or not.”

Social media users were quick to react to the news, with many expressing disbeliefs at the strict requirements for renting a flat. One user quipped, “‘Padhai likhai karo tabhi ghar bana paoge’ papa was right,” while another commented, “I have submitted lesser documents for interviews. What is this renting process?”

House hunting in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley, has become more challenging due to the landlords’ increasingly unusual demands. A multitude of individuals from different regions of the country reside in this city. In another such incident that took place in Nov 2022, it was revealed that landlords are asking for tenants with IIT or IIM degrees as a prerequisite for renting their properties. This requirement is shocking and unexpected. Tenants with degrees from the country’s top universities are considered the perfect match for landlords in Bangalore.

It’s shocking, isn’t it? The ideal “fit” for tenants in Bengaluru is to have graduated from one of the top universities in the nation or scoring 90% marks.

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Meanwhile, the incident has shed light on the challenges faced by those seeking accommodation in India’s tech hub, where soaring property prices and strict rental requirements can make it difficult for newcomers to secure a place to live. While the rejection based on Class 12 marks may seem absurd, it underscores the need for more transparency and fairness in the rental process, and for landlords to consider factors beyond just academic performance when choosing tenants.


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