People voted for a Change For the sake of Change, says Naveen

TNI Bureau: Following the shocking poll debacle, outgoing CM and BJD President Naveen Patnaik held meetings with winning and losing candidates and listened to their views and grievances.

Unfazed by the developments, Naveen said that his government did more than enough for the people and they definitely appreciated the good work. “We lost the elections as people wanted a change for the sake of change”, he said.

“There was nothing against our government and our work. But, there was a saturation point and we were victims of that phenomenon. Many people thought it’s time for a change and they voted to change a government of 24 years. In fact, they were tired of you and me as well”, he added.

Naveen also told the leaders to be prepared for mid-term polls in future at the Centre because of the volatile political situation in the country. He also believes that it will be a herculean task for the new government in the state to deal with governance model and huge challenges.

However, Naveen Patnaik stood by VK Pandian who is facing the public ire and resistance within the party after BJD’s shock defeat. “He always worked on my instructions. He worked hard with full dedication. He joined politics as I told him to do so”, said Naveen indicating his unwavering support for Pandian.

Despite Naveen’s rare interactions with the candidates, it is to be seen if the party will introspect and go for course correction or continue to ignore the real issues.

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