Odisha-Mo Parivar rescues Odia Youth from Malaysia

Continuing its service to the people in desperate situations, Odisha-Mo Parivar has come to the rescue of a distressed family in the State.

After being tortured in Malesia for seven years, an Odia youth from Kendrapara district was welcomed by members of Odisha-Mo Parivar after he arrived Odisha on Friday.

According to reports, Tarakanta Mallik (42 years) belongs to Pattamundai area in Kendrapara district was working in a company in Malaysia.

However, after working there for some years, he was subjected to brutal torture by the company officials.

After coming to know of their plight, with the help of the founder of Global Odia Volunteers, Sanjay Dalai, Odisha-Mo Parivar rescued Tarakanta and made all arrangements to bring back the Odia boy.

The family members of Tarakanta thanked Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Odisha-Mo Parivar and the International Human Rights Protection Council team for their generosity.

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