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Nokia launches cheapest Phone @ Rs. 1249


Nokia, which is striving hard to regain its market share in India, on Monday, launched its most affordable phone “Nokia 105” to attract customers from the low-income group.

Nokia 105, priced at Rs.1,249, is the lowest priced colour screen entry phone available in the Indian handset market, the company said in a statement.

Nokia 105 is the ideal device for the first-time phone buyer, featuring a bright colour screen with clear menus and essentials like FM radio; multiple alarm clocks; speaking clock; a dust and splash-proof, up to five pre-loaded games, pillowed key pad; and a flashlight.

The single SIM handset features a 1.45-inch colour screen with a user-friendly interface.

Many people consider that Nokia 105 marks the end of an era. With colour screens available at such a low price, Nokia officially says farewell to black-and-white screens.

The Finnish company hopes the new phones will increase sales in Indian market and shows it is refocusing on the cheaper end of the market, where it makes the bulk of its handset revenue.

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