Modi vs Rahul ‘Hashtag War’ on Twitter

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Minutes before Gujarat CM Narendra Modi went on to address the women entrepreneurs at the FICCI Summit in Delhi, the Congress Party led by Humara Congress founder Sanjay Jha unleashed a war on Twitter by creating #Feku. The BJP sympathisers responded to it with another hashtag – #ModiStormsFICCI. Sanjay Jha wanted to respond to the hashtag #PappuCII, which was created against the Congress Vice President.

After taking the credit for initial outbursts against Modi, the Congress had to find itself at the receiving end, when people on Twitter used the same hashtag #Feku to taunt Rahul Gandhi. The hashtag was meant for NaMo, but it backfired, as it was used against Rahul more. The Modi fans took over the tag in a meticulous way.

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The BJP Karnataka ‏@bjpkarnataka tweeted, “The difference is #Feku comes from Rs.100 crores funded by UPA where as #ModiStormsFICCI comes from the bottom of every Indian’s heart”.

While the nation wanted to see the real battle between Modi and Rahul, the hashtag war on Twitter, has belittled the capabilities and achievements of both leaders and taken the politics to a new low.

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  1. raj says

    haha ..but that was very interesting..sanjay jha (an meida representative shoiuld not have put such tag on suppritng any politician openly , but any way he did)..haha but at 6 pm boht feku and pappu was went to rahul gandhi…
    sorry to say…whenevr media treis to biased towards some one and tries to give fake informaion will back fire in this social media world of 2013..
    i beleive more than modis vicotry and rahul defeat ..i feel its realply by citizen of country to biased media coverage..

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