Missiles fired at Syria, BSE Sensex Crashes


The Syrian crisis deepened further, as two missiles were reportedly fired at Damascus, which fell in the sea. The news came from the Russian Defence Ministry. Even the Syrian government sources confirmed that their radar detected two ballistic objects. While the US Navy denied of firing any missiles, Israel sources confirmed about an ‘anchor’ test jointly conducted with the US.

Earlier, US BSE-SensexPresident Barack Obama had sought the approval of the Congress to launch a military assault on Syria after it used Sarin Gas (chemical weapon) to kill 1,300 rebels.

As the news of missile attack broke, BSE Sensex crashed by over 700 points, while the Nifty too dropped over 200 points. The Rupee, which had shown some recovery in the last few days, breached the 68 mark against the US Dollar again.

The shares of Oil companies fell, signalling at a fuel crisis in future if the Syrian War occurs. The Sensex is losing points very fast and towards the end of the day, situation could be very tense.

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