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Madhya Pradesh registers Highest Economic Growth

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Amidst rift within party, BJP could be better choice to take the country forward. After Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, its turn for his Madhya Pradesh counterpart Shivraj Singh Chauhan to take the credit for highest economic growth against Bihar.

According to the provisional data released by the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) for 2012-13 for states, Bihar’s economic growth slipped to 9.48% this year, compared to Madhya Pradesh, whose growth recorded 10%. Last year, Bihar had recorded 13.26%.

For the first time, the backward states like Jharkhand and Odisha have recorded growth at 9.12% and 9.14% respectively for the year 2012-13. The complete list of growth data will be prepared after data will come from Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Delhi, which have maintained impressive growth in past few years.

Nitish Kumar-led Bihar, which had introduced so many welfare schemes and programmes for the growth and development in the recent years, added Rs 13,679 crore to its GDP, taking its economy from Rs 144,278 crore in 2011-12 to Rs 157,957 crore in 2012-13.

The per capita income was low in the state. It added only Rs 1,090 in 2012-13, lowest among other states in per capita income, as compared to Jharkhand, MP, and Odisha. Bihar’s per capita stands at Rs 14,268 in 2012-13 from last year’s Rs 13,178.

While Jharkhand and MP’s per capita income rose by more than Rs 2,000, Odisha added Rs 1,450 in one year from Rs 24,134 to Rs 25,584.

In the past few years, Bihar had maintained consistency in growth recording 12% in 2008-09, 11% in 2010-11 and 13% in 2011-12. However, the current report shows that the state needs to expedite the projects and programmes.

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