Know Why ‘The Kashmir Files’ was NOT promoted on Kapil Sharma Show

Insight Bureau: A lot of hate was unleashed on Kapil Sharma and he was targeted by a section heavily on Social Media in the last 3 days. His fault? He was accused of denying promotion of ‘The Kashmir Files’ on his comedy show – The Kapil Sharma Show.

Neither Vivek Agnihotri nor Anupam Kher bothered to clarify on this issue, leading to anger against Kapil and his team. Vivek was even seen offering tacit support to the people who were outraged.

However, Anupam Kher in a TV Program last night, told TimesNow that Kapil Sharma had indeed approached him to promote the film on his show, but he declined saying it’s a very ‘Serious Film’ and won’t fit into a Comedy Show platform.

“We wanted people to understand the pain and anger of Kashmiri Pandits through the film. We want to send a message of truth that was hidden from the public for long. Such a serious film should not be part of any comedy show. Kapil has been doing a great job. I took part in his show several times,” he clarified.

Soon after, Kapil Sharma took to Twitter, thanking Anupam Kher for clarifying all the false allegations against him.

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