ICMR Advisory: Who may be Tested and Who are Not?

Insight Bureau: The ICMR has issued fresh advisory on testing strategy for Covid-19. This advisory is mainly applicable for early detection of symptomatic cases for quick isolation and care as well as early detection of infections in elderly more than 60 years and individuals with co-morbidities (diabetes, hypertension, chronic lung or kidney disease, malignacy, obesity etc) for quick care.

No testing will be required for contacts of Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 unless they are identified as high risk based on age or comorbidities.

Who may be Tested:

1. Symptomatic (Cough, Fever, Sore Threat, Loss of Taste and/or smell, breathlessness and/or other respiratory symptoms) individuals.
2. At-risk Contacts of laboratory confirmed cases. At-risk contacts are elderly (>60 years and individuals with co-mordbidities).
3. Individuals undertaking international travel.
4. International travellers arriving at Indian Airports/Seaports/Ports.
5. Testing may be undertaken as per the discretion of the treating doctor at the Hospitals.

Who need not be Tested:

1. Asymptomatic Individuals in community settings.
2. Contacts of Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 unless identified as high risk based on age or comorbidities.
3. Patients who stand discharged as per home isolation guidelines.
4. Patients being discharged from a Covid-19 Facility as per revised discharge policy.
5. Individuals undertaking inter-state domestic travel.

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