Film Actors are free to hold Political Opinion

TNI Bureau: This is nothing new to see Film stars joining politics or taking sides. It has been happening for years and nobody had a problem in the past. However, in the last few years, intolerance against the Actors is on the rise. Many of them whether Anupam Kher, Raveena Tandon, Vivek Agnihotri, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Naseeruddin Shah or Amol Palekar, have been at the receiving end for taking a stand in support or against the Modi Government.

Whether Anupam Kher or Amol Palekar, we always hailed their acting skills and never tried to know their political or ideological leanings. If Anupam Kher did not lose our respect when he hailed Modi Government and slammed his critics, why should we get worried when Amol Palekar criticised the same government.

Let the Actors do, write and speak whatever they want. They have a voice and their views should be respected. Nobody has a right to humiliate them due to the political happenings.

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