Facebook launches New Site ‘Facebook Stories’

TNI Bureau: World’s most popular social networking site Facebook launched a new site yesterday to share stories. Now the huge band of users of Facebook across the world can share their idiosyncratic and thought-provoking stories with others here. http://www.facebookstories.com/.

It seems Mark Zuckerberg is smart enough to provide always new features, apps and other facilities with Facebook to lure his users. Good job Mark. The new approach has been immensely accepted and appreciated by the users. So far, in such a short span the site has already earned 6.9 k likes.

Some people opine that the success behind Facebook lies in the human nature of showing off. Don’t take it negatively, I mean to say, people normally wants to share with their friends about their extraordinary talent, achievement or any other element that can earn a good note from others.

In this nexus, Facebook has made the corridor easier by launching the new site ‘Facebook Stories’.    The huge 950 million users across the world will really be happy to use the new facility by the social network giant.

‘Facebook Story’ will feature stories each month with a different theme option. Topic of the first month has been given as “remembering,” For reference an official video has been posted (in Indian context) where a man named Mayank Sharma, loses his memory and used Facebook’s “people you may know” feature to rediscover his personal history.

Likewise users can submit their own stories for the possibility to be featured on the site. Of course Facebook will ultimately pick as per its own choice.

“By spotlighting these stories, we hope to inspire people to find new uses for these technologies within their own lives,” Facebook said in a statement.

The page will include regular features every month, such as a list of books and articles related to the theme and a playlist with tracks executed by top artists. Each month, the page will also feature a new infogaphic related to the theme.

This month, the bookshelf includes five titles selected by U.S. Memory Championship winner Joshua Foer. The Spottily playlist was curetted by renowned artist Ashley Charles, who mixes under the name Sabrepulse and the reading list highlights a selection of stories from The New Yorker about memory.

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