‘Delhi Media Gossip’ hints at Storm in Odisha Politics

TNI Bureau: The ‘Delhi Media Gossip’ segment posted by Author, Researcher and Strategist Abhijit Iyer-Mitra on ‘X’ has hinted at a big development in “Odisha Politics” that will have massive impact on National Politics too.

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra, who is known for having deep knowledge and information about national politics, had predicted that a major regional party is joining NDA on March 5.

Without naming the party, he also added that the leader who inspired that party, will get ‘Bharat Ratna’. Since March 5 happens to be the Birth Anniversary of late Biju Patnaik, Abhijit apparently hinted at a possible BJP-BJD alliance.

He also says that several Parliamentarians of the party are expected to be left high & dry, which indicates that BJP will have a lion’s share in the seat sharing for Lok Sabha polls.

In the last few days, the BJP-BJD alliance buzz has been very strong, thanks to the statements of VK Pandian and Vijaypal Singh Tomar. With PM Modi almost certain to visit Odisha on March 5, which coincides with the Birth Anniversary of Biju Babu, all indications hint at a bigger political development.

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