Coming Up: New Pet Rules by BMC in Bhubaneswar

TNI Bureau: Amid the ongoing dog menaces at various places under its jurisdiction, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to come up with a set of rules for people having pet dogs at their homes.

The city civic body which met under the chairmanship of Mayor Sulochana Das has decided to prepare a comprehensive guideline on how to keep pet dogs at home and their proper maintenance.

Here are some some guidelines issued by the BMC:

  • Pet dog owners have do a chip-based register by paying Rs 500 online and renew it every year before April by paying Rs 250.
  • Chip-tag with the name of the owner and address should be tied around the dog’s neck.
  •  Rabies vaccine is mandatory.
  • Penalty will be imposed on the owners if their dogs causes any harm to anyone.
  • Restrictions will be imposed on taking pet dogs to public places like parks, restaurants, gyms and shopping malls.
  • Owners will face strict action for leaving dog poo in any public place.
  • Special rules will be implemented for business or sports dogs.
  • Owners are to follow BMC guidelines for cremation after the death of dogs.

This apart, the BMC also decided to sterilized all the stray dogs in Bhubaneswar and set up a guideline on the marriages of dogs and the adoption of two dogs by an owner.

A new veterinary hospital will be set up at Mancheswar.

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