Boys Rule…Forget It!!…Girls Are the New Rulers


By Sindhu Nathan: Are girls the new rulers? This question may seem a very simple one but it has a larger dimension involved to it. If you ask any girl the answer would be “yes”, but is it actually true?

The reality is that girls are capable and have been embalmed with the special ability by the nature itself to do any feat better than boys and stump them off. The biological connection of childbirth and breastfeeding is bestowed on women by the supreme almighty, but that is not the only one thing that women can feel proud of. In all other spheres of life also, women have proved their mettle and blindfolded men with their spark.

Since the medieval time, woman has been treated as people who can only survive within the closed doors of the home and under the protected sheath of their parents or husbands.

But now times have changed and this protected bird has got wings. It now knows to fly and soar up in the sky to touch heights which men can only think of. This statement may seem a bit bold and embellished, but is firm and grounded as concrete. Endless success stories of women, both at home and work, justify the statement completely.

They are rulers, in a literal meaning, leaders in power in the world today. Even some of the most populous nations like India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh are being ruled by women. Do women have supernatural powers to exceed in everything they venture into? No, but here are some attributes which makes the difference and keeps them one step ahead of their male counterparts.

Physical Strength: Does size really matters? Science has proved otherwise, a fact that majority of our male community will deny. As we say “it is in our genes” so it really is!! We all know that woman has two X chromosomes and man has one X and one Y chromosome.

A recent study has shown that X is a larger chromosome than Y and hence has more genes attached to it. The activity of these additional genes theoretically helps to enhance the immune system and therefore increasing the physical strength and promising a longer life.

This genetic difference gives an additional five years of life to girls in comparison to boys. Longer and healthier life is the promise that this X chromosome makes to women as they are potentially less likely to get diseases like cancer, sepsis, infection and other immune-based manifestations.

A study done by the McGill University has shown that the female hormone Oestrogen also increases the immunity of women by decreasing the production of Caspase-12 enzyme, which in turn blocks the inflammatory process. Thus, it was concluded that the female hormone acts as a resistant against infections thus increasing immunity.

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Precision at its best: Imbibed with the genealogy of being better, there are other behavioral traits, which also put the girls a step ahead. According to research and studies, it is documented that the brain structure and usage is different for both males and females.

Men normally tend to use only one side of their brain, whereas females use both cerebral areas for verbal, visual and emotional responses. These differences in brain use cause a difference in behavior between men and women. Girls tend to be better at sensing emotional messages in conversations, gestures, and facial expressions, and thus being more sensitive.

They start to speak and read at an earlier age than boys and are generally better in verbal skills, such as learning a different language. Girls tend to have a better grasp on grammar and spelling, and they have better handwriting than boys do. They also have better sight at night and have a more acute sense of smell, taste and hearing.

Definitely, there is no line drawn to demarcate the male and female behavior and our intellects are not prisoners of our genders. There are boys who have good emotional and language skills and girls who are good in verbal reasoning, but as per research and scientific studies done on a large population of people the percentages are indicative that girls have good precision.

Best managers, at home and work: Moving past the gender anatomy and gene study, girls have also shown great endeavours at management and finance. No wonder, the female counterparts do more scrupulous management of monthly funds at home and know nobody can handle and pull on the strings of the household as they can. Women hold the strings of finance and happiness with the same strength and passion so that both are stretched out evenly and no pressure is developed.

Also in professional world, both financial and management sectors, women have an edge over men. Their good instinctive power in management and sales, self control and sensibility, multitasking, and no-risk propitious attitude nails it and no wonder makes them better managers and executives. Their calm and composed demeanour along with higher acceptance level makes them astute in handling situations and connecting with employees.

In a study done by the Wall Street Traders on about 35,000 portfolios, it was found that women have outperformed men by 18 percent in regard to investment returns. The study concluded that this percentage difference in returns highlights women’s ability to identify long-term benefits and their knack of cautious handling of investments in comparison to men. This study proved to be a blow on the testosterone-driven gender.

All said and done, this debate on who is better than who has been there for centuries and will continue to remain, but rather than looking at each other as a competitor and creating ripples about the gender bias, we should try to complement each other.

Women are prepared to face the world with open mind and accept all challenges with confidence, grace and skills. Girls have taken the huge leap to bring positive social change in their lives, home, and the society as a whole.

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