Anna Hazare gears up for New Anti-Graft Movement


TNI Bureau: After parting ways with Arvind Kejriwal over his decision to go political, Anna Hazare has geared up for new anti-graft movement. Recently he addressed his followers that those who do not want to fight elections will have to organize a big movement now, which should be bigger than the August agitation in Ramlila Maidan last year.

Earlier this month, Anna Hazare made it clear that he does not support the anti-corruption movement taking a political plunge.

Since the inception of the anti-graft movement in April last year IAC entered in to a different zone of conception after the rift when a probability to enter active politics developed, led by Arvind Kejriwal, who was a key member of IAC as well as Team Anna.

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While Kejriwal tried to prove his discretion showing the result of a survey drawn few days before, which gathered support of 76 percent of the people to form a political party, Anna has still strictly denied his involvement for the decision of political move. Even he has warned not to use his name in this context as his concept of fight is completely different from it.

However, Kejriwal is still hopeful that Anna will again join in a month or two when he will see that their intention is very much genuine and at par with the concept of the anti-graft crusade found by Anna through IAC.

Now the probability of Anna, joining hands with Yoga guru Baba Ram Dev cannot be ruled out, as both met in the capital last week for a joint anti-graft movement. In a video message posted on Twitter, Anna said that to make the country powerful there was need to curb corruption and ensure development.

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