5T Secy VK Pandian in Mayurbhanj; Development on Agenda

The government of Odisha has sought for proposals from the district administration of Mayurbhanj for the enhancement of sites that attract tourists and pilgrims.

Secretary to Chief Minister (5T), VK Pandian and ACS, Tourism department, Surendra Kumar visited the Devkund, Bhimkund, and Khiching areas of Mayurbhanj district on Thursday to assess the current situation. During the visit, they discussed the possibility of developing Devkund as a significant tourist attraction with local officials and community members. Pandian instructed the district administration to work with all interested parties and submit a proposal to the Tourism department for the renovation of the area.

After visiting Devkund, Pandian proceeded to Bhimkund, where he engaged with tourists and locals. He instructed the Tourism department and district administration to draft a proposal for the enhancement of infrastructure and the provision of facilities for visitors. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of launching diverse tourist activities in the area.

During his visit to Khiching in the Sukruli block, Pandian visited the Maa Khichakeshwari Temple and held discussions with sevayats (servitors) and other interested parties to gather their suggestions for improving the temple and the associated museum. After the discussions, Pandian directed the Tourism department and district administration to develop a proposal for the renovation of the area. He also visited the Khiching High School and interacted with the students.

Furthermore, his journey continued towards the location where the Khairi-Bhandhan irrigation project is set to be built in Jashipur. Once completed, this project will provide irrigation to approximately 9,400 hectares of land across Jashipur, Sukruli, and Raruan blocks.

In addition, he also visited the Samadhi of Pandit Raghunath Murmu located in Dandbose under the Rairangpur block. During his visit, he engaged with members of the Santhal community and promised that the site would be developed according to the desires of the local people.

Lastly, Pandian visited Bada Bandha in Rairangpur Municipality and reviewed the progress of the ongoing development projects in the area. He instructed the Municipality officials to prepare a comprehensive proposal for the continued enhancement of the pond.

Later in the evening, Pandian had discussions with college students from Rairangpur and Karanjia, as well as local public representatives, regarding a range of issues.


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