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Rail Budget 2013: Reservation, Tatkal Prices hiked

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Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal called his budget as ‘realistic’ without announcing hike in basic passenger fare. However, Superfast charges and Tatkal fees were raised in the rail budget 2013-14.

As per the announcement yesterday, there has been increase in fare for superfast, cancellation, tatkal and reservation. The hike would earn Rs 881 crore for the railways.

The basic fares may not be hiked, but the increase in supplementary charges could not be ignored. The minister claimed that increased fare in reservation, tatkal and cancelation would not put burden on common passengers. However, the middle class families would have to think again while booking/cancelling their tickets.

Revised Reservation Fee

Class Existing Revised
Second 15 15
Sleeper 20 20
AC Chair Car 25 40
AC-3 Economy 25 50
AC-3 Tier 25 40
First Class 25 50
AC-2 Tier 25 50
AC First 35 60
Executive 35 60


Charges in Superfast Trains

Class Existing Revised
Second 10 15
Sleeper 20 30
AC Chair Car 30 45
AC-3 Economy 30 45
AC-3 Tier 30 45
First Class 30 45
AC-2 Tier 30 45
AC First 50 75
Executive 50 75

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