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Public Apathy: Humanity dies on Jaipur Road

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The humanity was brought under shame on the roads of Jaipur last week when a man and his five-year-old son had beg for help from the passerby, but in vain, while his wife and eight-month old daughter stranded dead on the spot. For almost 10 minutes, the father-son duo cried for help, but nobody stopped. When they finally got the help, it was too late. Their daughter could have been saved, had they get the help in time.

The incident occurred in Ghat Ki Guni tunner at around 2:30 PM on April 14 (Sunday). A speeding truck hit their bike and fled. The mother Guddi Devi (26) and daughter Arushi died on the spot, while the father Kanhaiyalal Raigher annd son Tanish survived the tragedy.

Ironically, the entry of two-wheelers is banned in the tunnel, but the victim and other bike riders flouted the restrictions to save time. Whatever, they deserved every kind of support after the tragedy. People have become so insensitive these days that they hardly bother about others’ lives. Several people in vehicles passed the father-son duo, but they preferred to kill their conscience and remained dumb and deaf.

The help arrived only when some employees of the tunnel maintenance called the police control room. It’s sad that it did not come from the common people, who were apathetic to the plight of the family in distress.

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