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Nasha – Movie Review


Nasha, the debut movie of Poonam Pandey, the sexy siren who is more popular for her cheap publicity stunts and porn pics, has badly failed. Director of the film Amit Saxena could not save the erotic movie despite presence of the seductive actress along with her hot avatar.

nThe film had already earned pre release hatred from people for its objectionable posters, where the lead actor of the film Poonam Pandey was shown in an excessively erotic and objectionable avatar. So normally people were expecting the film to be just a B grade adult film. But after release, it was felt that the movie even could not become an answer to this thirst of the audience.

While Poonam and Amit tried to win the audience via seduction and skin shows, that also could not be presented well. The only good factor in the film is the male lead actor Shivam.

Story of ‘Nasha’ revolves around an 18 year old student Saahil (Shivam) and her 25 year old sexy teacher Anita, (Poonam Pandey). Anita makes an entry as a summer activity teacher in the school. But her micro-minis and display of long sexy legs makes her a sex bomb rather than a teacher. Every student love to see her in his dream. One of them, Saahil (Shivam) gets obsessed with the sexy maam, but soon the schoolboy fantasy turns into a scorching, passionate longing when he finds that his loving maam has got a boyfriend, Sam (Vishal Bhonsle).

The film intends to narrate about teenage infatuation that at times get highly influenced by lust and sexual attractions, but severely fails. Of course, an emotional approach is also there in the film, created by the young boy, which is again devastated by the sexy lady.

Nasha is an erotic thriller from the director of ‘Jism’ Amit Saxena. However, the sex factor presented in the film is not balanced or logical at many places. Adding to that, Pandey is quiet poor at acting. She should know that being comfortable with sex scenes is another factor, but the basic requirement of a film is acting aptitude. Movie is not the medium if a lady has ‘only’ sex comfort ability and no acting skills.

The newcomer Shivam is confident in his role of a teenager, and we wish to see him in some different flick of Bollywood in the coming days.

‘Nasha’ is not worth watching. Only if you have extra leisure time and a thirst for skin show you should visit the theatre for once.

Cast: Poonam Pandey, Shivam Patil
Director: Amit Saxena

TNI Rating: * & ½ (One and Half) Stars out of 5.

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