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Maken in Delhi, CP Joshi in Rajasthan?


With Union Minister for Housing and Poverty Alleviation Ajay Maken and Railway Minister CP Joshi resigning from the Union Cabinet, the Congress Party has now gone into poll mode. To counter the anti-incumbency factors in Delhi and Rajasthan, both leaders could be given the reins of the party in their respective states.

congress-logoAjay Maken was actively involved in Delhi politics before being moved to the Centre. With Sheila Dikshit losing her grip over the party cadres and common people in the national capital, Maken could be elevated to make a big impact in the upcoming assembly polls.

Similarly, it’s almost confirmed that people in Rajasthan are fed up with Ashok Gehlot’s government. They are looking for a change now. The Congress believes that only CP Joshi could bail the party in the next assembly polls due later this year. In Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the party has a bleak chance. However, losing Delhi and Rajasthan could compound its problems, while giving a clear advantage to Narendra Modi, which the party cannot afford.

The Cabinet Reshuffle will be held tomorrow. And, in all probability, many seniors will pave the way for the younger generation, while going back to the organisation to strengthen the party. At least six to seven new Ministers could be sworn-in tomorrow.

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