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Major Fire at Kolkata Market, 18 Killed

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A major fire broke out in six-storey Surya Sen market complex in Kolkata, leaving at least 18 dead and many others injured. The fire was noticed at around 3:50 AM. Many workers sleeping inside the shops were charred the death, as they were caught unaware of the fire.

At least 40-50 people are still trapped inside. Around 20 fire brigade teams are on the spot and trying their best to douse the fire, which is still raging on. The injured have been rushed to the NRS and Medical College Hospitals.

Preliminary reports suggest that the fire broke out because of a short circuit. Most deaths occurred due to asphyxia. The market houses many shops, plastic and paper godowns. If we believe the government reports, the Surya Sen market complex was being run in an illegal manner.

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