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Food Security Bill: Gamechanger for UPA


The UPA Government’s ambitious Food Security Bill had hit roadblock during the last session of the Parliament, thanks to BJP’s continuous blockade of the Parliament. However, the government is not willing to budge and has come up with a strategy to implement the project and outwit the opposition in its own game. The bill promises rice at Rs. 3 a kg and wheat at Rs. 2 a kg, less than 10 per cent of current retail prices, to about 810 million people.

Instead of going to Parliament, the government wants to go through the Ordinance route so that it can take the maximum credit for the bill. At the same time, it can woo the poor of the country. This is the only hope for the government to bounce back, as its fortunes have been on a decline in the recent years because of high inflation, economic slowdown, faulty policies and series of scams and scandals.

The BJP is definitely nervous and questions the government’s decision to bring an ordinance. The party wants the advancement of the upcoming Monsoon Session so that provisions of the bill are debated in the Parliament. The BJP has already extended its support to the bill.

However, the Congress wants to take the entire credit and does not want the BJP to get a share in it. The party hopes it to be a gamechanger in the 2014 polls. It would be interesting to see whether it really changes the declining fortunes of the Congress or not.

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